Sunday, 2 October 2016

Complementing- attacking the conscience of a person to feel sorry

Person A- "Wow! That was a nice presentation." Person B- "Oh really! I thought it was okay, I started it last night, the content could be worked upon........" so on and so forth. By the end of this tough 'thanks' yet not a 'thanks' Person A- feels so guilty and stupid that he is made to think 'complementing is a way of attacking the conscience of a person so that you feel sorry' 
For a lot of people taking compliments is very hard. In the category of people who can not take compliments there are two major divisions.
1. People who live in a bubble of their own over-confidence and when complimented they naturally expect more than what is required or said.  Also such people compliment others only because they want a compliment.
2. People who think that a genuine compliment can not come to them. You compliment them and that very instant the reply will be "Are you trying to flatter me?" or "Is this in flattery?". Any person would obviously feel dim-witted and be convinced not to compliment that person again.
Many fools are still alive for whom taking a compliment is very hard(as hard as giving one). The world is a beautiful place, praise people who deserve to be, it might put a smile on their face.
When complimented behave like a gentle human who keeps his ego aside and say 'Thank you' (try it, it's not hard).