Sunday, 12 April 2015


My friend once kept me up all night talking about her teenage hero on a horse. So I simply compile her excitement.
I become a little red
But down under it is something else
A sweet nothing spills out
Just by the thought of it
Into the blue I dive
A little on the top
And my heart spills out
For the one living in my memories
Pipe dreaming all night
Anticipating that all goes well

Friday, 10 April 2015

Watch- A time piece

I am still
Still moving all day long
Chained to a wrist
Making it worth a million
A timepiece for convenience
Valued for craftsmanship
A great engraved
Increasing my glamour and a little tag
Now walking hand in hand with technology
To provide the best I can offer

Many have me strapped round their wrists
Some with most gems on
Ironically fail to strap what I am meant for
My presence is a waste
When it is just not your time