Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pretty vs Beautiful

Well this surely has it. I am in my teens and high on my teenage dreams just like many others. And yes it is during these years you are judged on the basis of your physical features and the girl with the best of all.......I need not explain further    The most common misconception 'pretty = beautiful'. Let me get this straight
pretty is having your eyes, nose, lips and everything all at the right places and of the right size but being beautiful is having your heart at the right place.
This pretty face of yours will not be with you forever, tomorrow you will for sure turn to things which would help you to regain the lost glamour but the beauty of your heart will remain with you forever and ever. Having a pretty face is not all, god has gifted you with a lovely face but has left the beautification of the soul on you which will help you find a place in the hearts of the people.
Your physical appearance might impress others but what will mesmerize them is the purity of your soul.
So all those girls out there don't only search through the stacks for the right shade of the lipstick but also search for the little faults and follies in you.
You don't need a beauty pageant to shine, don't need to be a part of an 'it group' to be admired, don't need diamonds falling off you to stand out in the crowd.
Remember you are one of a kind and no one can judge one not even that 'Queen Bee' of the school.